The Football Market in China : a Rising Dragon

Mustering around 850 million monthly active users on the local social media, China is gradually becoming a preponderant economic market for worldwide clubs. First and foremorst, european clubs have grasped both the complexity and wonders of the emerging football market in China. Recent trends have hogged the spotlight on the investment policy in the chessboard. The middle kingdom has implemented a radically efficient strategy in attracting foreign players: targeting European Leagues, like Italian and Spanish ones, in which clubs are facing huge amounts of debts, structures renewal and turnover. Following up the previous World Cup where Chinese fans surprised by their...

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Tensions between China and South Korea, regular censorship of foreign content and Chinese video broadcasting platforms partly explain the rise of the creation of Chinese dramas. The Chinese prefer family over friends. Generally, Chinese people go home directly after work or school to spend time with their family. Therefore, the series/movies have an overriding place in China. Indeed, it is an opportunity for them to spend time and relax together. Thus, the market of Chinese dramas is booming, following an increasingly strict censorship of the government. CHINA INTERDICTION OF K-CULTURE GOODS IMPORTATION Korean culture still has a significant influence...

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