Latest trends, latest tips: internet is full of information and news. Blogs have become a major source in web content feeds. They feed curious minds and promote the exchange of information around internet users’ tastes.

With the boom of the internet and the multiplication of influencers, the competition between bloggers is at the top. Driven by an increasing demand, Internet users and more and more numerous, the blogger must develop innovative content and quality. Especially adapted to its audience and its culture. In addition, these bloggers specialized in all types of domain, build a large community of fans. And that attracts the eye of the brands. They are quickly finding a great deal of interest in partnering with these bloggers as they see an opportunity to reach and conquer potential consumers.

The investment of brands in partnerships with bloggers, called KOL (Key Opinion Leader) explodes and the competition is raging. What are the strategies of Korean and Western bloggers to deliver at a fast pace content generating maximum traffic and visibility?


The consumer’s attitude is strongly influenced by his culture. Koreans are distinctly different from Westerners: tastes, activities, habits and culture are so many areas that differentiate the way an internet user is influenced and the way a blogger will go to his community.

In the realm of the internet, the rate of information posted on the internet is more intense. Korean people between the ages of 20 and 30 spend more than 6 hours on their smartphones a day. This addiction starts earlier and earlier.

In addition, they are ultra permanently connected thanks to an internet speed of 26.7 Mb/s and a wifi present almost everywhere, even in the metro. They are very receptive to the latest trends posted by bloggers on social networks like Kakao, Instagram or on their blogs.

Rather homeless, schooling and work take up most of their time and following a blogger can be a way to escape from the present, get away for a few moments and get your mind out of the house, away from work and from home. family pressure.

So Korean bloggers are fighting a fierce battle to best meet this need. At the top of the topics, we find articles on k pop, beauty and video games. This is explained by the culture of K-song, beauty (synonymous with well-being and success) and the diversity of PCs (room) and the addiction of Korean video games. Bloggers in Korea are seen as role models. Indeed, they are examples of success that: dream, inspire, influence. Note also that the “fans” in Korea are younger and begin to follow people / channel from the age of 6 years.



Western bloggers are also very present on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. These bloggers serve more to inspire a lifestyle, to give ideas to their community (good plans, outings, tips). First, they aim to allow fans to identify with their videos, to simply talk about everyday things and give practical advice. In a second time, fans follow bloggers to dream. There is an overflowing creativity in some bloggers that differentiates them from others. Among this myriad of Western bloggers, one French stands out from the competition: EnjoyPhoenix. Indeed, through his daily lifestyle, his fan base is inspired by his deeds and actions. The same goes for products and advice, based in particular on a dynamic activity on social networks.


The centers of interest between Korea and the Western world are different. The best youtube channels in France are entertainment channels, vlogs. In Korea, on the other hand, video game channels, beauty, k-pop and entertainment tutorials take precedence. However, more than a competition between Korean bloggers and Western bloggers, it is a complementarity that is built over time.

Indeed, many Westerners write about Korea and vice versa with globalization and modernization. Koreans are increasingly inspired by Western life, which is also explained by the proliferation of Western goods in Korea. Internet users are more open-minded and curious to discover and know the latest trends from abroad for inspiration.

In an ultra-connected world, the difference between Korean and Western bloggers is slowly fading to make room for content that is as much Western as it is Korean. In a nutshell: suitable for everyone but always adding a personal touch to stay in the competition between bloggers.