First of all, a celebrity can be defined as a person enjoying a certain notoriety among a population. Being in collaboration with a celebrity is usually an effective strategy to attract the consumer’s curiosity and increase his loyalty. Today, there is a trend of brands for Korean muses.

How to explain this Korean wave?

Explosion of K-culture

The popularity of South Korea is intensifying in Asia. Indeed, the explosion of international cosmetics, its modernity, its K dramas and its K pop participate in the interest of foreigners for Korea. Of course, brands know that trends pretty well.

Indeed, despite the language barrier, Koreans are passionate bout the world via the internet and social networks.  For informational purpose : the export of products related to Korean culture reached $ 4.2 billion in 2017. The victory of Kpop BTS group ahead of Justin Bieber at the Billboard Awards in 2017 illustrate perfectly this phenomenon far from being ephemeral.

Brands choose celebrities for their simplicity and beauty. Goo Hara, Korean singer and actress of the Kara group was chosen to represent the lipstick of the “Envy Shine” range of Estée Lauder. The singer is known for taking care of her skin and enjoys an international reputation. Both of these criteria are highly sought after by brands.

China: First fans of Korea

Korean culture is the middle point between Chinese and Western culture.

In China, a change of mentality and lifestyle are visible over the past years. At least, a will to strive for better prospectives. They are attracted by the European way of life: drinking wine, going to the movies, having coffee on the terrace, picnicking … Although, the K dramas are very well attended in China. Indeed, they serve as life guides and educate them to some fashionable dress codes and social ones, especially for young women.

Moreover, K dramas of Korean origin allows the Chinese to better identify themselves. Hence to better understand this new way of life. Thus, when a Korean celebrity becomes muse for a brand, the Chinese are particularly sensitive. According to a Chinese media outlet, Amore Pacific lipstick sales in K drama “My love from the Stars” have been increased by 400% following its release.

A Chinese girl even said she left her boyfriend because he was not as romantic as the hero of the series. Every product in this series has seen sales explode.

This is the same phenomenon regarding K pop in China. Indeed when the Big Bang group opens ticket sales for its 10th anniversary in Seoul in 2016, more than 2 million Chinese fans made the trip.

And the Korean ambassadors will serve these brands to better target this growing Chinese audience and keen Korean model

Celebrities: new artistic directors?

Now celebrities are not only used for advertising purposes but can contribute to the artistic development of a brand.

Irene Kim and Kendall Jenner worked on a new Estée Lauder makeup line.


By contributing to the marketing development of the product, this marks a deeper publicity. Celebrity contributes to the brand by its name, its physique and especially its ideas.

Thus, brands have understood the value of exploiting this Korean beauty both Asian and Western and the importance of their presence in K culture.